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Boots-on-the Ground Sales

We are real humans doing human-like things: In-person presentations, webinars, training and direct sales. We lead with our expertise in your field, with deep technical prowess providing customers with and end-to-end high-brand experience.

In-depth brand/product Support

One of the cornerstones of our offering is our ability to disseminate brand, product, training, and warranty information at scale. Whether you have a handful of dealers or a network across the country, even the world, Sparks delivers robust product information and support through several digital channels, all measured through out Sparkd Ignite platform.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Lead generation is not easy, but it’s not rocket science either but it’s a key to driving direct sales to our brands and dealers. Our client thrive always for new leads, Sparkd creates content and deploys all things digital to develop, grow or pour gasoline on our client’s sales funnel.

Dealer Networks

One of our core strengths is our ability to secure, train and ramp up sales for dealers in our network that sell, support or install your product. As new products and innovations hit the market, our in-house broadcast channels get the information out quickly, at scale, and with content that engages on many levels.

Original Content

Our in-house production team generates original content for our brands and products for a wide range of audiences -- all focused on driving direct sales for our clients.

Measurable Growth

When we work with our brands and manufacturer partners to scale their sales and distribution network, our teams work in a transparent way - delivering monthly sales and growth reports.

We are a full service digital, sales rep and marketing firm powering brands, distributors, dealers and sales teams nationwide.







First our team immerses ourselves in your brand and product offering to better understand your position in the market, proven sales/marketing techniques and how we can leverage our resources to deliver results.


Next, we will set up a zoom online meeting with a product expert to review product lines, technical details and order management to fully understand the ins-and-outs of our client's brand.


Once our team is properly onboarded, we integrate the offering into the Sparkd Ignite platform.


From video content, hosted sales rep training, social media posts, email and direct mail marketing, our team is ready to develop compelling content for your product/service.


Sales goes hand-in-hand with both digital techniques and our team of Sales Reps that setup client calls and presentations out in the field.

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